Discreet Check, LLC, provides fast, expedient and accurate Global Criminal Background Screenings. We partner with National Certified Laboratories for DOT and Non-DOT drug testings, complete with MRO (Medical Review Officer) reviews. All of our national reports adhere to the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)  and state compliances. Our state of the art computerized report system allows 24/7 access, including a fully staffed licensed investigative department, that verifies all adverse information before releasing reports ensuring clients receive accurate information.

The owner Joyce L. Oxford, has 35+ years experience in mid-level to upper management positions within major manufacturing and distribution environments as a cost negotiator, inventory control manager, writing & implementation of facility processes & procedures, revision of job descriptions and making sensitive personnel decisions.

During her tenure, Joyce became acutely cognizant of the necessity to use outside tools to help educate and guide companies in their hiring decisions, ultimately saving them monies by guiding them in making essential and accurate candidate choices. This knowledge and experience decisively lead her to open Discreet Check, to have the ability to work with a diverse group of establishments, being able to offer sophisticated instruments to help maneuver clients towards drug free, team oriented, efficient and profitable organizations.

Discreet Check, LLC’s mission:

“To service our clients with the utmost of ethical and moral standards, supplying them with expedient and accurate information.”

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