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Newly Released Service:

The only exclusive patent pending visitor CheckIn software, screening entrants for adverse information utilizing our “Quality Assurance” process before releasing.

We provide real time public report data for every visitor, employee or contractor entering your business establishment.
Our “Quality Assurance” process on any adverse information received, ensures our clients are receiving accurate data, thus mitigating their liabilities and eliminating lengthy internal employee hours reviewing possible hundb80004s of records.

Clients may choose any or take all of the following reports: Sex Offender - OIG - Global - OFAC


Real Time Arrest Monitoring

Receive real time arrest alerts for current employees, program will run prior to each shift.

Vaccination Cards

Photocopies of vaccination cards so visitors & employees do not need to carry with them.

Pre-Schedule Appointments

Internal staff may pre-register appointments in order to validate arrivals.

Temperature Checks

Set an acceptable temperature range for visitors, record acceptable or not.

Diminished Liability

Visitors sign or initial their consent provided on client disclaimer page, explaining their CheckIn policy.

Encrypted Privacy

Encrypted information; private record information is destroyed, client receive a Yes or No access.

Quality Assurance

Flagged public reports undergo quality assurance reviews to ensure compliance before released.

Mobile Pre-CheckIn

Encourage patrons to utilize their mobile phones 24/48 hrs. prior to arrival for faster entry.

Manage Your System

Set system to permanently allow or block specific individuals.

Text Alerts

Set text alerts for internal personnel and/or visitors for emergency situations..

Industries Served

Universities / K12 schools, Hospitals / Healthcare / Corporate Facilities / Stadiums / Athletic Complexes

Coming Soon!

Badge Geofencing, Facial recognition, Fingerprinting or Customized Software Solutions available.

Comprehensive Services

Personal Attention

Drug Testing

Instant On-Site Drug testing with Lab Confirmation of All Positive Results
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D.O.T. Drug Testing

Random Drug Testing and Drug-Free Workplace Programs for Regulated Industries.
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DNA Testing

Legal DNA Testing to establish Paternity. Fast, Easy to Use, Completely Confidential and Accurate.
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Background Screening

Whether for employment or tenancy - ensure applicants are exactly who they represent themselves to be. Your first line of defense is a comprehensive, professionally designed background check.
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International Screenings

Discreet Check, LLC delivers International Background Screening Solutions with the highest degree of transparency, clarity, and efficiency.
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MedEx Complete

Same as "FACIS Level 3 Search" National Searches the above-listed federal sources, state agencies across the 50 states and includes the Global Report.
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Private Investigations

Discreet Check is a regional office for a national investigative organization operating since 1975 that has a network of licensed private investigators throughout the United States. We work closely with large/small businesses, corporations, law firms, insurance companies and contractors, as well as private individuals. Discreet Check is committed to helping clients mitigate their business risks by obtaining verified information to help them make crucial decisions.

  • Surveillance
  • Site Inspections - undercover investigations (theft/embezzlement/fraud)
  • Background Investigations
  • Due Diligence Background Investigations
  • Locate Investigations
  • Asset Check Investigations
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Insurance Claims & Fraud
  • Social Media Investigations & Preservation
  • Site Inspections
  • Undercover Investigations (theft/embezzlement/fraud)

Our Clients

Discreet Check, LLC is built on superb personal one-on-one customer service! We personally return calls within a few hours and answer all questions immediately. When you phone, you are not sent through a prompting system. Discreet Check consistently hears a common proclamation, "We are so happy we have found you!"
"Joyce is a great source of information in the trucking compliance area and I consider her an intregral part of our business in the area of human resources."
“We have been using Discreet Check for all of our background screens and drug screens for over a year. They make everything so easy and hassle free, I would recommend them to anyone! Their user friendly interfaces as well as their quick and reliable customer service is unmatched!”
"Joyce is a joy to work with! Always there to help right away, very knowledgeable and willing to teach all that she knows. Even hundreds of miles away we feel as though we know her personally. Discreet Check is a great company."
Recently being awarded a local state government contract requiring us to complete criminal background checks, a fellow business partner recommended Discreet Check as their preferred screening company. The system is user friendly & easy to navigate, my report information was instant, plus I was able to reach a live person instantly to answer my questions! My experience with Discreet Check was very professional, their information clear & the process easy, allowing me to focus on my business & clients. Thank you Discreet Check!